What Kind of Beer is Corona Premier? (Explained)

Corona Premier is a premium light lager and is the highest-grossing beer category. Since the launch of Miller Lite in 1975, large brewers have battled for light lager dominance. The category’s success has spawned pricing tiers that drive pricing and positioning for these beers. In this post, we’ll look at Corona Premier as a beer … Read more

Where is Corona Beer Made? (Full Facts)

Corona beer is the best-selling, most recognizable Mexican beer, not to mention a wildly successful imported beer in a category that has become extremely popular. Today, breweries worldwide may offer a Mexican-style beer to celebrate Cinco De Mayo or warm-weather beachy vibes. But the OG Mexican beer remains true to its historical roots, and production … Read more

When Did Corona Extra Come Out? Full Details

A frosty, clear long neck crowned with a lime. The sound of waves lapping along a shore, palm trees with Christmas lights, and Snoop Dogg telling Andy Sandberg to stick to comedy. Corona Extra is synonymous with its relaxed beach vibes and celebrity promoters in the United States. Globally, the Corona brand is recognized as … Read more