The 10 Best Stout Beers to Try in 2024: Taste Tested

Stout is a broad family of beers known for their dark color and roasty flavor. Despite their variety, stout beers are often pigeonholed as being strong beers, but alcohol content in stout beers ranges from very session-able to extreme. Additionally, while their flavor is a common denominator, brewers have found ample opportunities to take liberties … Read more

The 10 Best Belgian Beers To Try in 2023: Taste Tested

Belgium is home to the most diverse variety of beers worldwide. Belgian beer culture is strong and proud, from delicate lagers to boozy, complexly flavored abbey beers and the immaculately fermented lambic styles. Nearly every town has its own museum devoted to beer or brewing ingredients, not to mention several fantastic beer-focused pubs specializing in … Read more

The 14 Best Craft Beers of 2023: All Styles Covered

It was not long ago – in many of our lifetimes – when the beverage of beer was primarily marketed solely by prominent national and international companies all selling one similar style of beer. In the United States specifically, experts believed that by the turn of the Century, just three massive beer companies would dominate … Read more

The 12 Best Light Beers of 2023: Taste Test

Light beers are the most popular beer style in the world. What they lack in a robust flavor profile, they make up with endless refreshment and fewer calories than typical beers. Even craft beer drinkers have developed a taste for easy drinking beers, and craft breweries have released their own interpretation aimed at thirst quenching … Read more

Modelo Especial vs Negra: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Modelo Especial and Modelo Negra immediately come to mind when we think of popular Mexican beers. But while these beers are iconic parts of Mexican beer culture and two of the best-selling entrants in the imported beer industry worldwide, Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial have quite a few differences.  Let’s look at these differences and … Read more

How Many Calories in Modelo Oro? Complete Breakdown

Modelo Oro is the Mexican brewer’s light beer. “Oro” is Spanish for “gold” and this is a golden colored light lager. But how kind is Modelo Oro on your waistline? And is this beer – which its maker says is the gold standard of premium light beers – a drinkable beer? In this article we … Read more

Corona Extra vs Corona Light: Which is the Better Beer?

This round, we’re comparing a pair of Corona Extra and Corona Light. Which of these pale lagers is better? Beer drinkers love to debate the merits of the beers they drink, but deciding a beer’s technical merits is different from its popular appeal. Nothing exemplifies this more than comparing a beer with its light beer … Read more

What Is IBU in Beer? And Why Does it Matter?

You might have heard the term IBU used in terms of beer. Maybe you saw it on a beer can or heard your craft beer nerd friends talking about. But what does it actually mean? The short answer is that IBU stands for International Bitterness Units scale (sometimes called International Bittering Units. IBU is basically … Read more