What Type of Beer is Modelo Oro? (Explained)

Modelo Oro is a 90-calorie, four percent alcohol by volume Light Lager brewed in Mexico by Grupo Modelo, makers of Modelo Especial. Light beer is the world’s most popular beer category, and Modelo created the Modelo Oro light beer to compete in light beer’s high-end price tier.    What Makes Modelo Oro a Light Beer? Light … Read more

Review: What Does Modelo Oro Taste Like? Is it a Good Beer?

Modelo Oro is an ultra-premium light beer with 90 calories and three carbs brewed in Mexico by Grupo Modelo and distributed in the United States by Crown Imports. The beer’s name, translated as gold in Spanish, is marketed as the “gold standard of light beer” that “seals in Modelo’s golden flavor to deliver an exceptionally … Read more

Coors Light vs Michelob Ultra: Which is the Better Beer (Complete Guide)

Last night, I watched something I never thought possible; the first-ever NBA Championship for my hometown Denver Nuggets. It took 47 seasons, but Jokic, Murray, and the rest of the team finished off an impressive gentleman’s sweep of the Miami Heat here in Denver. Like most post-game celebrations, the bubbles were flowing. The Finals MVP, … Read more