The 11 Best Hazy Beers: 2024 Taste Test

There’s no denying that hazy beers are the biggest thing in beer. Colloquially known by such names in the craft beer scene as the New England Style IPA, Juicy Hazy Double IPA, or simply Juice Bomb, these beers are as flavorful as they are Instagrammable with their milky, glowing appearance. Their look seems to subliminally … Read more

The 10 Best Ice Beers: Taste Tested

Ice. Ice. Baby! The phrase transports me back to the early 90s, when, in first grade, Vanilla Ice was the hottest cassette tape in the deck. Sure, New Kids on the Block and MC Hammer also were heavy in the rotation, but to me, Vanilla Ice “rocked the mic like a vandal.” But, I. I. … Read more

The 10 Best Dark Beers: Taste Tested & Reviewed

When I first got into beer, one of my most remarkable revelations was that the flavors I recognized in dark beers were not added as a separate ingredient. The milk chocolate flavor I marveled at in a robust porter was not put there by the addition of a Hershey’s candy bar. Nor was the coffee … Read more

The 10 Best Ale Beers: Taste Tested & Reviewed 2024

Do you like beers with flavor? Character? Complexity? Something a little different than the typical beer brands? While lager may rank as the most consumed beer type, beer aficionados know that the world of ale beers offers some of the best beer brands to seek out. Ales are quick fermenting beers often driven by the … Read more

The 10 Best Belgian Beers To Try in 2023: Taste Tested

Belgium is home to the most diverse variety of beers worldwide. Belgian beer culture is strong and proud, from delicate lagers to boozy, complexly flavored abbey beers and the immaculately fermented lambic styles. Nearly every town has its own museum devoted to beer or brewing ingredients, not to mention several fantastic beer-focused pubs specializing in … Read more

The 11 Best Amber Beers to Try in 2023: Taste Tested

Amber beers are a broad and diverse category of beers that share a similar hue. Not pale, but not a porter or stout, amber beers get their color from highly-kilned and roasted malts that lend the beer not just color but body and malt flavor that ranges from toasted bread, fruits, biscuit/cookie to light caramel … Read more

The 11 Best German Beers of 2023: Taste Test

Ask someone to think of something Germany is known for, and chances are beer and brewing will be a top response. The tradition of German brewing is recognized worldwide in events like Oktoberfest, the popularity of beer gardens, the German Purity Law, and countless classic German beers that brewers from other countries attempt to emulate. … Read more