Modelo Especial vs Negra: What’s the Difference Between Them?

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How Many Calories in Modelo Oro? Complete Breakdown

Modelo Oro is the Mexican brewer’s light beer. “Oro” is Spanish for “gold” and this is a golden colored light lager. But how kind is Modelo Oro on your waistline? And is this beer – which its maker says is the gold standard of premium light beers – a drinkable beer? In this article we … Read more

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What Is IBU in Beer? And Why Does it Matter?

You might have heard the term IBU used in terms of beer. Maybe you saw it on a beer can or heard your craft beer nerd friends talking about. But what does it actually mean? The short answer is that IBU stands for International Bitterness Units scale (sometimes called International Bittering Units. IBU is basically … Read more

How Many Calories in Yuengling Beers? [Full Range Included]

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What Does Michelob Ultra Taste Like: Is It a Good Beer?

I was a good many years old when I finally tasted a Michelob Ultra. As a craft beer fan, Michelob Ultra represents everything craft beer drinkers despise about mass-produced lagers from Big Beer. Light beer has been the most popular category of beer for decades. People love the idea of indulging in a few low-calorie … Read more

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The Corona beer brand produces four different beers in its portfolio. Additionally, Corona has added lines of seltzers and malt-based Refrescas to the fold. So let’s look at these beers and bevies to find your favorite.  All Four Corona Beer Varieties Listed Corona beer is synonymous with beach parties and living the island life. Corona … Read more

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Corona Premier vs Corona Familiar: Which is the Better Beer?

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