What are the Different Types of Corona beer? Full List

The Corona beer brand produces four different beers in its portfolio. Additionally, Corona has added lines of seltzers and malt-based Refrescas to the fold. So let’s look at these beers and bevies to find your favorite.  All Four Corona Beer Varieties Listed Corona beer is synonymous with beach parties and living the island life. Corona … Read more

IPA vs Lager: Popular Beer Styles Explained

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Corona Premier vs Corona Familiar: Which is the Better Beer?

Every beer fan recognizes a bottle of Corona. The beer brand’s signature blue script adorning its sleek, familiar bottle is synonymous with beach parties and BBQs. Over the years, the brand has developed various brand extensions to invite more beer lovers to “Find Their Beach.” In addition to their flagship, Corona Extra, you will find … Read more

Why Are Beers Made with Rice and Which Brands Use It?

When people think about the ingredients in beer, rice is likely not the first to come to mind. Beer’s main ingredients are malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. However, rice is used in some of the most popular beers in the world, and craft brewers have found that using rice in their brewhouse offers another … Read more

What is a New England IPA (NEIPA)? Complete Guide

The New England IPA, also known as a hazy IPA or juicy IPA, is a variation of the American IPA beer style, known for its intense dry hopped citrusy character and softer texture, and an extremely low bitterness for an India pale ale beer style.  The origin of New England IPAs can be traced to … Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Beer Taste Better

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IPA beers are some of the most popular craft beers on the market today. But what exactly is an IPA beer? In this blog post, we will explain what IPA stands for, as well as provide a few examples of some of the most popular IPAs out there. We will also discuss the different flavors … Read more