Where Is Modelo Beer Made? [Full Explanation]

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Modelo is the brewer and parent company behind Modelo Especial, the newly crown best-selling beer in the United States.

Along with the pilsner style lager Modelo Especial, the Modelo brewery also brews the iconic dark beer Modelo Negra and a light beer called Modelo Oro.

So where are these beers brewed? All Modelo beers are brewed exclusively in Mexico!

Read on to find out why Modelo continues to brew its product – along with the Corona range of beers – at its nine Cervecería Modelo breweries in Mexico.

Where was the Modelo Brand Founded?

The original Cerveceria Modelo Brewery in Mexico

Modelo is brewed by Grupo Modelo, which was a company started in Tacuba, a region within Mexico City, in 1925.

Mexican brewers looked to Germany in those days for the techniques they would adopt in brewing and you can see that heritage come through in Negra Modelo, the dark beer – or dunkel – that is brewed by Grupo Modelo.

The Pilsner-style Modelo Especial is a style of lager that also has its roots in Germany.

Today Grupo Modelo is the largest brewer in Mexico by far and also produces the Corona range of beers. It is owned by the global brewing giant Anheuser Busch Inbev. AB Inbev took over Grupo Modelo in 2013 paying $20bn for the Mexican brewer.

Like Modelo, Corona is brewed exclusively in Mexico and is exported to other countries.

Cervecería Modelo breweries in Torreón (Coahuila), México City, Guadalajara (Jalisco), Tuxtepec (Oaxaca), Mazatlán (Sinaloa), Cd. Obregón (Sonora), Zacatecas (Zacatecas), Tecate (Baja California) and Tijuana (Baja California) are used to produce its beers for the local and export markets.

How Does Modelo bring its products to the US?

The Modelo and Corona beer ranges are widely available in the US.

They are shipped from Mexico to the US and distributed by global drinks giant Constellation Brands, which has the exclusive distribution and marketing rights to these beers in the US and other regions.

Anheuser Busch Inbev was prevented under the settlement of an anti-trust lawsuit from owning the rights to Grupo Modelo brands in the US and these exclusive rights were sold off to Constellation Brands in 2013.

Is Modelo Available Across the US?

Yes, you can get Modelo beer in every state of the US. In fact Modelo Especial recently replaced Bud Light as the most popular beer in the US after the Dylan Mulvaney controversy saw a boycott from some consumers of Bud Light.

Modelo, which is sold in a signature squat looking clear bottle with a gold foil over the bottle top, had been creeping up on its rival in terms of sales having clinched top spot as the top selling imported beer years ago.

When Bud’s ill-fated collaboration with the trans influencer got middle America offside, Modelo was waiting to swoop on top spot in the US beer market.

According to Reuters, Modelo Especial was the top-selling beer brand in the United States for a second consecutive month in June, after first dethroning Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Bud Light in May.

Is Grupo Modelo Beer Available In Other Countries?

Modelo beers are sold in throughout most countries of the world including the UK, Europe, Australia and in Asia too.

What Other Beers Besides Modelo Especial Are Made By Grupo Modelo?

Aside from the Modelo range of itself, Grupo Modelo brews all Corona beer variants sold worldwide at its Mexican breweries.

Other Mexican beers brewed by Modelo include less popular brands Pacifico, Victoria and Estrella Jalisco.


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