How Many Calories in Corona Premier? [Complete Breakdown]

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Corona Premier is Corona’s premium light beer. 

It’s actually a really good beer with more taste than a lot of competing light lagers.

But how many calories does it have? And is it kind to your waistline?

The short answer is that Corona Premier has 90 calories per 12 fl oz bottle or can.

In this article we look at the how many carbs there are in Corona Premier and other nutritional and health aspects of this beer.

We also look at how it compared with other premium light beers and other beers in the Corona range.

[It is also worth noting Corona Premier is a really decent tasting beer – see here for Andy Sparhawk’s review of Corona Premier and taste test vs Corona Light.]

How Many Calories in Corona Premier (4% ABV) Explained

Although it doesn’t have “light” in the name, Corona Premier is truly a light beer with just 90 calories per 12 oz serving and 2.6g of carbs. It is an even lighter version of Corona Light.

This light lager is brewed from the standard ingredients of water, barley malt, and hops with non-malted cereals (in this case corn).

In terms of other nutritional information, Corona Premier has 0.7g of protein and zero grams or fat per bottle or can.

Its alcohol content, at 4% ABV, is very similar to most of its light beer rivals.

How Many Calories in Corona Premier compared to other Corona Beers?

Corona Premier has fewer calories than all the other types of Corona beer.

Its fellow light in the Corona beer range – Corona Light – has 99 calories, while the standard Corona lager (Corona Extra) has 148 per 12 fl oz bottle or can.

Corona Familiar, the most full flavored Corona beer has 154 calories in each 12 fl oz bottle.

BeerCalories (per 12 fl oz serving)
Corona Premier90
Corona Light99
Corona Extra148
Corona Familiar154

Corona Premier calories vs other light beers?

Corona Premier, despite being a very enjoyable beer to drink, has less calories per bottle than most of its main rivals (Modelo Oro, from the same stable, also has just 90 calories).

It has significantly fewer calories than Bud Light and slightly fewer than Busch Light, Michelob Ultra and most other light beer brands.

BeerCalories (per 12 fl oz serving)
Corona Premier90
Modelo Oro90
Corona Light99
Dos Equis Ultra94
Bud Light110
Busch Light95
Michelob Ultra95

How Much Sugar in Corona Premier?

There is no residual sugar in Corona Premier. Any sugar present through the addition of corn syrup (which makes Corona Premier an adjunct lager) is consumed by the lager yeast during the brewing process.

Is there fat in Corona Premier?

No, there is no fat in Corona Premier!

Is Corona Premier Keto Friendly or Low Carb?

No beer can really be considered to be keto friendly or low carb. However, if you are pursuing a keto diet or want to keep to a low carb dietary regimen, this is a great beer to choose. For starters, it is refreshing with a good taste and decent flavor but just 90 calories per bottle, so you win both ways.

Just remember to keep your intake of beer moderate to keep your carb intake in check.

Is Corona Premier a healthy beer?

Relatively speaking, Corona is a health beer. It is very low in calories – lower even than Corona Light – and has very few carbs. But like all beers it has little nutritional value, contains alcohol (4% ABV alcohol content) and can cause health problems if consumed in excess.


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