How Many Calories in Corona Extra? [Complete Breakdown]

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Corona Extra is the flagship beer in the Corona range.

This crisp and refreshing lager has successfully marketed itself as the taste of summer and the best beach beer in the world.

Corona is brewed in Mexico, but enjoyed throughout the world, often with a wedge of lime in the spout of the bottle.

But how many calories are in each iconic clear colored bottle of Corona Extra?

The short answer is each 12 fl oz serving of Corona Extra contains 148 calories and 13.9g of carbs with an ABV of 4.6%.

Read on to find out more including all the nutritional facts about Corona Extra and how it compared to other Mexican and US beers.

How Many Calories in Corona Extra (4.6% ABV) Explained

Corona is brewed from a combination of water, barley malt, non-malted cereals and hops. In terms of style, Corona is a pilsener – a style known for being nicely balanced in terms of sweetness and bitterness and refreshing and easy to drink.

Coming in at 148 calories, Corona Extra is similar to mainstream American beers and other Mexican beers in this regard. 

How Many Calories in Corona Extra compared to other BEERS

Corona is light in terms of calories than most European lagers, but harder on the waistline than American light lagers. 

The table below shows where Corona Extra sits on this front versus some competing beers.

BeerCalories (per 12oz)
Corona Extra148
Modelo Especial145
Stella Artois154 
Dos Equis Especial 131

Corona Extra Calories vs Other Corona Beers

Here’s a comparison of Corona versus the other types of Corona beer.

BeerCalories (per 12oz serving bottle or can)
Corona Light99
Corona Premier90
Corona Premier156

How Much Sugar in Corona Extra

Corona Extra doesn’t have residual sugar. Any sugar present in any of the ingredients is turned into alcohol in the brewing process. There is small amounts of protein present in bottled beers such as Corona.

Is there fat in Corona Extra?

No, like all beers there isn’t actually any fat in the beer itself. Drinking too many, on the other hand, can make you fat as a result of the carbs in the beer!

Is Corona Extra Keto Friendly/Low Carb

No beer can really be considered a keto friendly or low carb option as whichever way you look at it, they contain a fair amount of carbs.

Is Corona Extra a healthy beer?

No beers are healthy per se. As stated, Corona Extra has 148 calories per serving, so that equates to half an hour’s walking to burn that off. But if you consume Corona Extra, or any beer for that matter, in moderation you will limit your alcohol consumption and you aren’t likely to suffer any adverse health effects.

Follow the general nutrition advice on how much beer is safe to consume in your daily diet and always drink in moderation.

Final Thoughts on Corona Extra Carbs

Enjoy your Corona Extra with a slice of lime at the end of a long day but although it is a crisp and refreshing beer, be aware it has about the same amount of calories as most medium bodied beers contain in a bottle.


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