Narragansett Lager Beer Review

Narragansett Lager : Appearance Typical pale lager body that’s crystal clear, dark gold, and plenty bubbly. Forms an average size, white, foamy head which actually laces and retains well. Narragansett Lager : Smell Strong corn odor, some metal. Reminds me of a bag of empty beer bottles. Narragansett Lager : Taste Let’s not kid ourselves, … Read more

Sapporo Premium Beer Review

Sapporo Premium : Appearance Glowing gold hue, slightly hazy, but plenty of carbonation constantly visible. Forms a somewhat large, white, soapy head which mostly dissipates but leaves minor lacing on the glass and tends to clump. Sapporo Premium : Smell Practically odorless. A mild scent of generic pale lager with a hint of rubber gloves. … Read more

Carlsberg Elephant Beer Review

Carlsberg Elephant: Appearance Golden hue, completely clear, some carbonation visible. Pours to a small, white, foamy head which completely dissipates, but does leave some lacing on the glass. Carlsberg Elephant: Smell Intense skunky aroma due to the green bottle. Some pale malty sweetness is present. Carlsberg Elephant: Taste Carlsberg Elephant is basically malt liquor, but … Read more

Yuengling Black and Tan Beer Review

Ordering a black and tan at a restaurant or bar is one of my favorite beverages to enjoy while out on the town. Trying to make one at home myself doesn’t work, so several breweries have attempted to bottle beers already mixed. Since Yuengling’s Black and Tan is only my second sampling of the type … Read more

Rolling Rock Extra Pale Beer Review

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Appearance Lives up to its name as it is definitely quite pale. Yellow/white gold hue, crystal clear body with plenty of carbonation visible. Pours to a small, bright white, soapy head which fizzles away and leaves little to no lacing. Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Smell Generic, uninspired, corny macro … Read more

8 of The Best Italian Beers

Given Italy’s rich wine culture, it’s not shocking that winemaking has influenced local beer producers. Italian brewers have access to wine grapes and grape must as well as the yeast living on local grapes’ skins. Using barrels that previously held wine as it aged, Italian brewers can experiment with wild yeast and other critters that … Read more

Magic Hat #9 Beer Review

This is a unique take on the traditional American pale ale style that has a fruity, almost citrusy flavor without overwhelming the true beer taste. #9: Pour, Color & Aroma Straight from the bottle, #9 pours very smoothly and forms a surprisingly large, bright white head. What’s odd is how quickly this foam disappears. Blink … Read more