Foster’s Lager Beer Review

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Foster’s Lager: Appearance

Glowing hue of yellow/gold with plenty of spastic carbonation viewable. Pours to a large, white, soapy head which mostly dissipates and leaves little lacing on the glass.

Foster’s Lager: Smell

Not just a generic fizzy yellow beer smell, but a dirty one at that. Strong corn aroma and nothing else.

Foster’s Lager: Taste

I’ve been reviewing macro adjunct lagers for a while now and even the ones with the most notorious reputations I’m usually able to shrug off as being mostly tolerable. Some have a sharp, tanginess at the beginning or end, but in the case of Foster’s Lager that tang sensation is present throughout the entire swig. It’s an offensive taste of metal and general uncleanliness. Akin to that of a really cheap beer poured through a really dirty tap. There’s no genuine malt character here and I doubt the brewery has even heard of hops. This is a generic flavor I usually associate with very strong and very foul-tasting malt liquors and ice beers, so it’s surprising to find it in a mainstream beer like Foster’s. I really do not understand the appeal at all.

Foster’s Lager: Drinkability

While Foster’s Lager may taste worse than most fizzy yellow beers of the general style, it drinks about as well as its brethren. The mouthfeel is rather thin and flat, with a cold, wet texture. It does feel a little abrasive on the tongue and lips, but it goes down smooth and leaves virtually no aftertaste.

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