Genesee Light Beer Review

Genesee Light: Appearance Classic pale lager appearance: BRIGHT yellow color, extremely clear, very bubbly. Surprisingly large, foamy, sudsy head (evaporates almost completely and leaves no lacing) Genesee Light: Aroma Smells like a Molson or Labatt macro lager. Some kind of chemical funk to it. Not a skunkiness like Heineken, though. Genesee Light: Taste Starts out … Read more

Genesee Ice Beer Review

Genesee Ice: Appearance Clear, gold/amber hue. Highly effervescent. Forms a large, white, soapy head which retains for a while but eventually dissipates completely. Genesee Ice: Smell Generic economy lager smell of grain. I’ve smelled worse. Genesee Ice: Taste Beers like Genesee Ice make me wonder what the point of their existence is. If you want … Read more

Genesee Cream Ale Beer Review

A lot of regions have one beer they’re known for, but not necessarily for a good reason. Genesee Cream Ale is a rather famous brew from Rochester, New York, mostly because it was one of the originators of its style (and one of the few remaining). The Genesee Brewing Company has been brewing its signature … Read more