Genesee Light Beer Review

Genesee Light: Appearance

Classic pale lager appearance: BRIGHT yellow color, extremely clear, very bubbly. Surprisingly large, foamy, sudsy head (evaporates almost completely and leaves no lacing)

Genesee Light: Aroma

Smells like a Molson or Labatt macro lager. Some kind of chemical funk to it. Not a skunkiness like Heineken, though.

Genesee Light: Taste

Starts out very neutral with almost no taste at all. Obviously, very watery and bland with perhaps a touch of corn sweetness found in adjunct macro light lagers like this. As it warms it becomes more and more sour with a metallic finish. It eventually becomes undrinkable (so drink it fast!)

Genesee Light: Mouthfeel

For such a light beer it’s a little thicker than I’d expect. Quite tepid body – so it doesn’t tear up your tongue with carbonation.

Genesee Light: Drinkability

Initially very sluggable, but as it warms and becomes more sour it’s a challenge to drink. And at 3.6% ABV it’s the kind of beer you can slam can after can.

Genesee Light: Overall

I definitely wouldn’t buy it again. Stick with Genny Cream Ale.

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