How Many Calories are there in Mango Cart Beer?

I’m a big fan of wheat beers and Mango Cart by Golden Road is a recent favorite. Mango is a fairly reliable flavoring for fruit-based beers and the sweetness it lends to this light, slightly tart beer is no exception. I admit, however, that I was slightly concerned with regards to the damage that sweetness might be doing to my waistline! We all know that beer is rarely a friend of the calorie-conscious, so I figured all that additional sugary fruit couldn’t be helping any, right?

The Calories in Mango Cart Beer

Well, it was indeed a happy surprise when I discovered that your standard 12oz can of Mango Cart beer comes in at just 96 calories! That’s around 45% fewer calories in comparison to those found in other wheat beers such as Blue Moon, which has around 170 calories per serving.

The secret? A relatively low ABV. It’s common knowledge that the majority of the belt-busting calories that come from beer are actually a result of the alcoholic content, but it can be surprising to see just how many calories can be saved just by shaving a percentage or two off. As an additional bonus, if you stick to Mango Cart or similar low-to-mid level ABV beers, you may find you have a clearer head come morning!

So drink up! As craft beers go, there really aren’t that many calories in Mango Cart Beer, and what’s more, it’s a lovely tasting brew. Cheers!