What Does ABV and IBU Mean?

Though enjoying a quality craft beer is simple enough to do, brewing it to perfection is quite another story. It can take years of effort and lots of batches of beer to create a delicious brew. The more you understand about the beer you’re drinking, the more you can fully appreciate it in all of … Read more

Does Beer Expire?

We’ve all cleaned out our fridge only to find a dusty, forgotten beer bottle in its depths. Should you reward your cleaning efforts and discovery by popping the cap and taking a swig? Or should you toss it to avoid a disgusting mouthful of expired beer? That’s what we’re here to answer. Can Beer Really … Read more

Can You Get Drunk on Alcohol Free Beer?

It’s not an unreasonable assumption: if something is going to be labelled as alcohol-free, surely that’s exactly what it should be. Yet in the case of alcohol-free beer, you’re not quite getting what you think. That’s because alcohol-free beer may contain a very small amount of alcohol – under 0.05% by volume. This is generally … Read more