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Carla Lauter is a beer blogger and expert with several decades of experience in the craft brewing scene. She is the founder of The Beer Babe website, which provides beer reviews, news, and commentary on the craft beer industry. Carla is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of craft beer with others, and has been featured in beer publications and podcasts for her expertise and knowledge of the industry. In addition to her work as a beer blogger, Carla has also worked in the craft beer industry, including as a brewer and in sales and marketing roles. She is dedicated to promoting and supporting the craft beer community and industry.


Carla graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science specialising in Marine Biology. There is no information available on Carla Lauter's formal education in beer or brewing.

Personal Life

Carla now works in communications and remains a passionate member of the Maine craft beer scene. Her ownership of The Beer Babe has ended but her work lives on in the articles on the site under her byline.

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