Everything You Need to Know About Draft Beer

If you’ve ever been to a bar, you’ve probably seen draft beer on the menu. But what is draft beer, exactly? Is it just a fancier way of saying “beer”? Not quite. Here’s everything you need to know about draft beer, from how it’s made to how it tastes.

What is Draft Beer?

Draft beer is beer that is dispensed from a keg rather than bottled or canned. The term “draft” comes from the fact that kegs are often stored in coolers or cellars and served using a tap (or “faucet”). When you order a “draft beer” at a bar, you’re usually getting a pint of beer that was poured from a keg.

How is Draft Beer Made?

Most draft beers are made using a process called “cold filtering.” This involves chilling the beer to near-freezing temperatures and then passing it through a series of filters to remove impurities. Cold filtering gives draft beer its characteristic smooth taste and prevents it from going bad as quickly as unfiltered beer.

What are the Advantages of Draft Beer?

There are several advantages to drinking draft beer over bottled or canned beer. First of all, draft beer is usually fresher than its packaged counterparts since it doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your glass. Additionally, draft beer has more carbonation than bottled beer, which gives it a slightly crisper taste. Finally, many people believe that draft beer simply tastes better than bottled or canned beer.

So there you have it—everything you need to know about draft beer! Now that you know what it is and how it’s made, you can enjoy your next pint with confidence. Cheers!

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