How Many Calories in Modelo Negra? [Complete Breakdown]

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Modelo Negra stands out among Mexican lagers as it is actually a dark beer, or dunkel.

Most Mexican lagers are light pilsner style beers, but Negra Modelo is a different beast.

Personally, I love it – when I travel in Mexico I end up getting sick of the usual suspects – Sol, Corona Extra and Pacifico) and that’s where Modelo Negra comes in handy.

With the extra flavor comes more calories: Modelo Negra has 172 calories per 12 fl oz bottle or can.

Read on to find out more nutritional information about this unique Mexican beer.

How Many Calories in Modelo Negra (5.4 ABV): Nutrional Breakdown

Modelo Negra is brewed using water, barley, malt, non malted cereals and hops in the German Dunkel style (see more here on what type of beer Modelo Negra is classed as).

The result is a flavorsome and dark colored beer with more calories than the average lager.

Modelo Negra is also slightly higher in alcohol content with 5.4% ABV (alcohol by volume).

How Many Calories in Modelo Negra compared to other Beers?

Modelo Negra has about 20% more calories per serving than the average American adjunct lager or Mexican pilsner style beer.

BeerCalories (per serving)
Modelo Negra172
Corona Extra148

How Many Calories in Modelo Negra compared to other Modelo Beers?

Modelo Negra has more calories than Modelo’s popular standard lager, Modelo Especial and Modelo’s light beer offering, Modelo Oro.

BeerCalories (per 12 fl oz serving)
Modelo Negra172
Modelo Especial143
Modelo Oro90

How Much Sugar in Modelo Negra?

There is no sugar in Modelo Negra. As with most beers, any sugar present before the brewing process is consumed by the brewer’s yeast.

How Much Fat in Modelo Negra?

There is no fat in Modelo Negra.

Is Modelo Negra Keto Friendly/Low Carb?

Modelo Negra has 15.7g of carbohydrates per 12oz bottle or can. That’s a fair few carbs compared to light beers

As such, Modelo Negra is not the first beer you’d reach for if you were on a keto diet or trying to reduce carbs. (Try a Modelo Oro instead – it’s got just 3g of carbs per bottle).

Mind you, no beer is going to be great for you if you are trying to reduce your intake of carbs or follow a keto diet.

Is Modelo Negra a healthy beer?

On balance, Modelo Negra is not the healthiest beer. It is is high in calories and high in carbohydrates. Not a great combo for thos watching their waistlines.

However, it tastes great (read Andy Sparhawk’s review of Negra Modelo here)! So if you think you can limit the amount of beer you drink, Modelo Negra is a great option.


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