How Many Calories in Coors Light? [Complete Breakdown]

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Coors Light is one of the world’s best-selling light beers. It markets itself heavily on a pure taste that’s borne in the clear air of the Rockies.

Light beer now makes up more than 40% of beer market share, and together with fellow giant Bud Light, Coors light is the dominant player within that section of the market.

In this article we break down how many calories in Coors Light and how it stacks up on this measure versus other similar beers.

How Many Calories in Coors Light (4.2% ABV) Explained

A 12 fl oz (355ml) serving of Coors Light contains 102 calories. 12oz is the standard sized can of Coors, known commonly as the Silver Bullet for its appearance.

There are 24 fl oz cans of Coors Light, that contain 204 calories.

Coors Light has an ABV (alchohol by volume) of 4.2%, the same as most competing light beers.

How Many Carbs in Coors Light?

Each Silver Bullet contains 5 grams of carbs and 1 gram of protein.

Coors Light is a lager style beer that is brewed using pure water, barley malt, hops, lager yeast and corn syrup as a source of sugar.

Coors notes the beer is cold lagered below freezing for a “lighter, crisper taste” and cold filtered for a bright appearance.

Coors Light is a lager so it will ferment at cooler temperatures than ales.

How Many Calories in Coors Light compared to other light beers

Here’s how Coors Light stacks up against some of its main light beer rivals on calorie count for a 12 fl oz serving. It’s better on the waist than Bud Light, but not as good as Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite.

Coors Light102 calories per 12 oz
Miller Lite96 calories per 12 oz
Michelob Ultra95 calories per 12 oz
Bud Light110 calories per 12 oz
Heinken99 calories per 12 oz

How Much Sugar in Coors Light Beer

No, there is no sugar in Coors Light, according to the Coors Light website. But the brewing process does use corn syrup, which Coors says is a “sugar source converted into alcohol in the brewing process”. It is not uncommon for US mass market  brewers to use corn syrup or rice in producing their beers.

In the brewing fermentation process, the lager yeast consumes the sugars in the corn syrup so no sugar is actually left in the finished beer.

Is there fat in Coors Light Lager Beer

No, Coors Light doesn’t contain any fat.

Is Coors Light Beer Low Carb?

To be honest it is right on the cusp of what is considered a low-carb drink. Generally, drinks with less than 5 grams of carbohydrate are considered ‘low carb’. Coors Light, with 5 grams of carbs per can, arguably just meets that criteria.

The American Diabetes Association is a bit more generous and considers a drink low-carb if it has less than 10 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

Is Coors Light a Healthy Beer

The general nutrition advice is that all beers, including light beers, should be consumed in moderation.

The way I look at this is that no beer is a “healthy” drink compared to more nutritious options. But by the standards of beers in general, Coors Light is low in calories and low in carbs so can be considered on the healthy side of the beer spectrum.

Be aware, though, that it does have a relatively high alcohol content at 4.2% ABV. 

Is Coors Light a Good Beer?

As well as having fewer calories and carbs, and a lower alcohol content, light beers tend to have less taste and are marketed as “refreshing beer”.

Brewing companies like to say they have a “clean” or “crisp” taste, but that’s usually a euphemism for having less flavor.

Non-light beers have more hop driven flavor and bitterness and more body to them.

Personally, I like beers with more flavor and body, but I am increasingly in the minority. The people have spoken and with light beer almost the biggest single beer category in the world based on sales it is here to stay.

And the fact is that many people simple prefer the more lighter, more anonymous, simple and less distinctive taste of a light lager such as Coors Light, Busch Light or Bud Light to pale ales, heavier lagers and IPAs, where you have a heavier influence from the hops. They’d say they just want a refreshing beer.

To help you decide if Coors Light is a good beer, be sure to click on this link to Andy Sparhawl’s review. He goes over the taste, mouthfeel and history of Coors Light and what food it goes with best.


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