What Makes Beer a Stout?

When most people think of stouts, they think of creamy, strong and dark beers. Usually, a Guinness comes to mind. Yet, though many types of stout do have these attributes, there are different varieties that don’t have any of them. In fact, Guinness doesn’t even have a high alcohol content. It’s the same as Bud … Read more

What Does ABV and IBU Mean?

Though enjoying a quality craft beer is simple enough to do, brewing it to perfection is quite another story. It can take years of effort and lots of batches of beer to create a delicious brew. The more you understand about the beer you’re drinking, the more you can fully appreciate it in all of … Read more

Japanese Rice Beer – An Introduction

Rice has been used to make alcohol for many, many years. Sake, the Japanese rice wine, is the type of alcohol usually associated with the grain, but rice can also be used in beer. In the West beer made with rice is generally looked down upon as it’s mainly used in cheap lagers like Budweiser … Read more

How to Taste Beer

To fully appreciate all a beer has to offer sometimes you need to do a little more than just drink it. Today we’re going to go over the five steps you should take to get the most out of your beer. 1. LOOK After pouring your beer into the proper glass, observe the color and … Read more

What is Bottle Conditioned Beer?

If you drink craft beer chances are sooner or later you’re going to hear folks throw around the term ‘bottle conditioning’ or ‘bottle conditioned’. Chances are also pretty good that you haven’t a clue what that means. Well, fret no longer, because today we’re going to look at what it means for your beer. On … Read more

What is Session Beer?

If you’ve been around the craft beer scene long enough, chances are you’ve heard someone use the phrase “session beer.” What exactly does this curious term mean? Today we take a quick look at the term and explain its meaning. A “session beer” is a beer low in alcohol which can be consumed in large … Read more

Lager v Pilsner: What is The Difference?

About Lager Lager is one of the two primary families of grain-based beverages which make up “beer”, with the other family being ale. While there are differing views on terminology within the beer world, it is pretty much universally accepted that all of the world’s beer styles fit into one of these two families. Within … Read more

How to Play Beer Die

The object of Beer Die is simple: bounce a die into your opponents beer, score 7 points before them, and make them drunk. There are some additional rules that must be obeyed, however. Beer Die Rules 1. You must throw the die above eye level. 2. The die must be tossed underhanded at all times. … Read more

How To Make A Beer Bong with a Valve: A How To Guide

What You Need: 3+ Feet of Clear Rubber Tube (That will fit snug onto the funnel)1 Good Size Funnel1 ValveKnife that will cut tube What To Do: This one is pretty common sense. If you’re here, you probably have already seen what a beer bong looks like. So here’s the easiest way to make a beer … Read more

How to Open a Beer Bottle with no Opener: 10 Different Ways

What happens when your favorite brew doesn’t come with a twist-off cap and you’ve turned the kitchen upside down and still can’t find the bottle opener?! Think twice and then think one more time before you even try to use your teeth. Have you seen the price of dental visits these days? Instead, I’ve compiled … Read more