Rolling Rock Extra Pale Beer Review

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Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Appearance

Lives up to its name as it is definitely quite pale. Yellow/white gold hue, crystal clear body with plenty of carbonation visible. Pours to a small, bright white, soapy head which fizzles away and leaves little to no lacing.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Smell

Generic, uninspired, corny macro lager. Green bottles tend to be very skunky.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Taste

Rolling Rock Extra Pale has always been one of those macro beers with niche appeal. Probably because of the distinctive green bottles. It’s not quite a major macro brew, but it’s not considered among the lowest rung of economy lagers. Having tasted it, it probably should be. There’s not a lot to like here. In fact, the beer tastes rather fake. It has a distinct corn presence from the use of actual corn as an adjunct, though I’m betting corn syrup is used to sweeten it as well. It imparts a slightly dirty/metallic character with an abrasive tang throughout. It’s like an “ice” brew without the ice.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Drinkability

This beer walks a fine line between being a straight macro lager and a light one. At only 4.5% ABV it’s not surprising that there isn’t much taste or body here, though it’s nowhere near being sessionable. The mouthfeel is thin and tepid with a watery texture. Somehow the carbonation still manages to get stuck in my throat. Though it finishes clean (thankfully), I would not describe Rolling Rock Extra Pale as a refreshing beer.

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