How To Shotgun a Beer Fast

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Here’s my tops tips to help you master the art of how to shotgun a beer fast! Don’t bash this drinking technique till you try it!

How to Shotgun a Beer Fast: Two Techniques That Will Change Your Party Life

I have two different techniques to help you learn how to shotgun a beer fast at that next party; each technique is a different style though and you may be better at one than another. Your best bet is to try both and see if what one you’re better at.

Technique #1 To Shotgun a Beer In 5 Easy Steps

  • Hold the Beer Can in Horizontal Angle
    Lets be real; if you were to hold it vertically, it simply just wouldn’t work. Also, make sure you have a aluminum can as of right now, you can’t shotgun a beer out of a bottle. Tilt your beer so that the bottom is just oh so very slightly higher than the top of your beer can.
  • Puncture a small hole near the button on the side of the can
    You want to use a can opener, key, or any other short object to make a small hole in the can. When you are holding the beer horizontally, there will be a small air pocket that will allow you to make a hole and not have any of your precious beer come out.
    • Make sure you make a hole big enough where you can actually shotgun a beer! If its too small, you’ll end up struggling to get all the beer out. You should shoot for the size of a quarter.
    • Your best bet is to participate in this outdoors as if you miss the air pocket, beer will be going everywhere and create a giant mess. Push all the edges from the hole you just made so it doesn’t end up cutting your mouth later
  • Place your over mouth over the hole
    Make sure you quickly get your mouth on the hole or you’ll end up with all the beer on the floor when you start turning it vertically. Once you turn the can upright, you should have gravity now on your side.
  • Once tilted upright, its time to open up that beer!
    You will now just need to crack open your beer as if you normally would using the tab. You’ll quickly notice the beer to start running freely and rather quickly through the hole in the bottom of the can.
    • If you’re wondering why it moves so quickly down your throat, its a combination of gravity and physics. Once the an is open, air is allowed to escape and creates a force that makes the beer shoot down into your stomach.
    • Your best bet is to just let the beer go down your throat. Don’t end up being that guy and try to stop it. The more often you stop to gulp, the longer the whole shotgunning a beer will take.
  • Make sure you drink as fast as you can!
    Air will be coming in from the top of the beer can in which will let you drink very fast! It may be a little intense but just keep drinking and it’ll be gone before you know it!

Advanced Technique to Shotgun a Beer Fast

This is by far a favorite technique to show off at parties. Even though using this technique can splice your finger open, you might end up getting a free beer out of it!

  • Grab any aluminum beer can
    Place your thumb roughly 1-1.5 inches from the bottom of the can. Its best to use your dominant hand with this technique and try to visualize your thumb breaking into the beer can wall. Make sure your nails aren’t too long or too short. If they end up being too short, you won’t be able to break through the can wall. If they are too long, your nail might end up bending and will hurt quite a bit!
  • Angle the beer can slightly down
    Try to angle the beer can so the air bubble forms where your thumb is positioned. Since this is just a slight angle and hard to get it exactly right, you most likely will end up with some beer going your way.
  • With your nail, try to make a small dent in the beer can
    It doesn’t need to be big, just a little nick to place your thumb on.
  • Try to rock your thumb nail back and against the can
    When you are rocking your thumb back and forth against the can, keep applying pressure until the beer can breaks. This may take some time to master, but you’ll eventually get it. Keep in mind that:
    • If you keep trying and still can’t make a hole in your can, just try a different spot. Feel free to try again up, down or right and left. Often you’ll just have your thumb nail in the wrong area that’s just a tab bit too high or too low.
    • Often this shotgunning a beer method will take a few times to get down but you can get it on your first try! For others, it might take weeks or months but it’ll be a cool shotgunning a beer trick to show off!
  • Quickly put your mouth over the hole in the beer can
    Make sure you watch out when you are doing this method when shotgunning a beer considering it isn’t the safest. If you have time, make sure you try to push the edges in so you don’t end up cutting your mouth up. Still, this is one cool party trick.

Don’t get stuck behind at your next party! Master the technique of learning how to shotgun a beer!

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