How to Play Beer Die

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The object of Beer Die is simple: bounce a die into your opponents beer, score 7 points before them, and make them drunk.

There are some additional rules that must be obeyed, however.

Beer Die Rules

1. You must throw the die above eye level.

2. The die must be tossed underhanded at all times.

3. You must catch the die with one hand and you cannot bobble the die.

4. Winner is determined by getting to seven points first and you have to win by two.

Beer Die Game Setup

1. Get a table preferably 8′ long, I use a table that I got at my local store for about $40 that is plastic (basically just your typical picnic table) Other options would include a ping pong table, or a dining room table but be wary of this because the die will leave rivets in the wood.

2.  Get a partner, two keg cups, and get a die!

3. Fill each cup with beer, if you want to play longer into the night you can just set your beer on the table and aim at that, but that eliminates sinks.

4. A cleaning cup  for the die is always recommended but not necessary.

How to Score Points and Drinks

1. Sinking the die into your opponents cup rewards them with a chug and you get 1 point.

2. If the die is thrown and the opponent does not catch the die with one hand or bobbles you are rewarded with a point and they drink 1 drink.

3. This is a fun rule, If you throw the die and it hits the cup and the opponent catches the rebound you both drink and no points are rewarded.

4. The die must make it across your half of the table if it does not you must take 2 drinks.

5. If the die goes off the side of the table without hitting the cup it is considered a “side” and play continues with no points or drinks rewarded.

6. If the die misses the table altogether the thrower receives a point and the opposite party must drink.

Two Player Beer Die Rules

The same rules apply to this game except you are playing with four people; the only difference is where you set your cups. If you play 1 on 1 then you set your cup in the middle, if you play 2 on 2 then set your cups on the corners of the table.

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