How To Make A Beer Bong with a Valve

What You Need:

3+ Feet of Clear Rubber Tube (That will fit snug onto the funnel)
1 Good Size Funnel
1 Valve
Knife that will cut tube

What To Do:

This one is pretty common sense. If you’re here, you probably have already seen what a beer bong looks like. So here’s the easiest way to make a beer bong. Put all the parts together in the only way that they will fit. (if you can’t figure this out, find someone that’s sober.)

So the funnel is at the the top. Attach the long piece of tubing to the end of the funnel. You can use fasteners if you want, but home depot has perfect funnel/tube that doesn’t require it. Then, cut off about 4″ off the end of the tube. Attach the valve in between the two pieces of tube and your done.

To Use:

Close the Valve
Pour Beer in the funnel at the top
Put End of tube in your mouth
Open Valve

If you can’t figure out how to build your own (seriously?) just buy one of these and save yourself the headache.

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