Blue Moon Belgian White Beer Review

Blue Moon Belgian White: Appearance Hazy orange hue (too dark for the style). Translucent with some fine carbonation visible. Pours to a small, white, soapy head which nearly completely dissipates and leaves no lacing. Blue Moon Belgian White: Smell Sweet orange scent, but reminiscent of artificial flavoring. Not much authentic Belgian character to it. Blue … Read more

Allagash White Beer Review

Allagash White: Appearance Bright lemon skin-yellow hue. Opaque. Pours to a small, bright white, foamy head which mostly evaporates and leaves minor lacing on the glass. Allagash White: Smell The smell of summer: bright orange and lemon citrus, light spices, clean flowers and Belgian yeast esters. Allagash White: Taste There isn’t much to say about … Read more

What is a Wit Beer?

Scan the long list of beers on any bar’s menu and you’ll most likely see a few Wit Beers. Wit is a style of wheat beer that comes from the Belgium and Netherlands area. However, to understand what makes a wit, you need to understand what makes a wheat beer. About Wheat Beer Wheat beer … Read more