Natural Ice Beer Review

Natural Ice: Appearance Standard fizzy yellow beer complexion. Perhaps a dark gold hue. Carbonation dies down quickly. Forms a small, bright white, soapy head which fizzles away quickly and leaves no lacing. Natural Ice: Smell Surprisingly mild for the type. Doesn’t have the generic “beer smell,” but the scent it does have is not exactly … Read more

Lone Star Beer Review

There are lot of regional adjunct lagers that are beloved in their area of origin, but nowhere else since they’re all essentially the same. Pittsburgh has Iron City, Baltimore has National Bohemian and Texas has Lone Star Beer. This really doesn’t have any qualities (or demerits) that none of the other beers of its ilk … Read more

Genesee Light Beer Review

Genesee Light: Appearance Classic pale lager appearance: BRIGHT yellow color, extremely clear, very bubbly. Surprisingly large, foamy, sudsy head (evaporates almost completely and leaves no lacing) Genesee Light: Aroma Smells like a Molson or Labatt macro lager. Some kind of chemical funk to it. Not a skunkiness like Heineken, though. Genesee Light: Taste Starts out … Read more

Foster’s Lager Beer Review

Foster’s Lager: Appearance Glowing hue of yellow/gold with plenty of spastic carbonation viewable. Pours to a large, white, soapy head which mostly dissipates and leaves little lacing on the glass. Foster’s Lager: Smell Not just a generic fizzy yellow beer smell, but a dirty one at that. Strong corn aroma and nothing else. Foster’s Lager: … Read more

Genesee Ice Beer Review

Genesee Ice: Appearance Clear, gold/amber hue. Highly effervescent. Forms a large, white, soapy head which retains for a while but eventually dissipates completely. Genesee Ice: Smell Generic economy lager smell of grain. I’ve smelled worse. Genesee Ice: Taste Beers like Genesee Ice make me wonder what the point of their existence is. If you want … Read more

Otter Creek Citra Mantra Beer Review

Otter Creek is a brewery that’s really upped their game in the last few years. I wouldn’t consider them trend-setters per se, but when a new style comes along, they’re able to jump on the bandwagon and made a great entry without the pretentiousness of smaller, supposedly “artisan” breweries. Citra Mantra is their take on … Read more

Simpler Times Lager Beer Review

Simpler Times Lager: Appearance Pure gold hue, crystal clear, highly bubbly at first but calms down quickly. Forms a large, white, soapy head which fizzles away quickly and almost completely and leaves bare minimum lacing on the glass. Simpler Times Lager: Smell Very typical lager. No foul scents or adjunct aromas. Generic. Simpler Times Lager: … Read more

Red Stripe Jamaican Lager Beer Review

Red Stripe: Appearance Dark white gold, crystal-clear, quite a lot of carbonation present. Forms a one-finger bright white sudsy head which mostly evaporates and leaves trace lacing. Red Stripe: Smell Typical macro lager smell of corn and grain. Not skunky or sour, but nothing appealing to the aroma. Red Stripe: Taste I wish macro lagers … Read more

Different Types of Lagers

Ales and Lagers make up almost all beers (except for specialty beer which is a whole other thing). These two main beers, however, have sub-categories of beer underneath them that specify different brewing methods and taste variations. This post will focus on the different types of lagers available. What is a Lager Beer? Lager beers … Read more