Morland Old Speckled Hen Beer Review

Old Speckled Hen: Appearance and Aroma Old Speckled Hen pours to essentially the same appearance in all serving forms – the difference being it’s cloudy when nitrogen-charged and on cask, but crystal clear when carbonated. It’s a very attractive shade of pure copper with orange and red hues. It forms a generous head, initially, but … Read more

What Makes Beer Bitter in Flavor?

When it comes to beer, bitterness is a huge part of flavor. In fact, beer even has its own measurement for bitterness: IBU (International Bitterness Units). There is a huge range of bitterness in beer types, from fruit lambics that don’t tend to be very bitter at all, to the very bitter imperial IPA. What … Read more

Craft Beer vs Real Ale : What is The Difference?

Craft beers have become highly fashionable in the last decade and have gone from being a niche, hipstery interest into a mainstream phenomenon.  Your town probably has several bars showcasing local ales, creamy stouts, and trendy craft beers. These kinds of beverages may not be cheap, but they are certainly enjoyable and are highly fashionable. … Read more